Awareness for the challenges in the innovative society

In the society, awareness campaigns are organized by Dr.Sriniivas(  towards helping the society, Our Groups will be presenting lectures and helping the organisations educating about early stage of cancer awareness which supports in prevention and the importance of early diagnosis, which contributes effectively to recuperation.

The lectures, by Dr.Sriniivas ( focus on the information about how to prevent early stages of cancer and means of prevention, we support in giving awareness of how to check the early stages of cancer detection and to get examined for the effectiveness in early diagnosis of cancer. Today globally there is threat. Cancer is one of the most seriousdiseases, so we are keen to launch regular awareness campaigns to fight the disease in India and abroad.

There are some factors which can be taken into consideration for avoiding for developing cancer, including tobacco smoking, exposure to radiation, obesity, and non-compliance with early cancer detection examination.

The running of cancer awareness sessions, which was attended by a number of students, and public which stems from our deep belief in social responsibility and the society’s role in culture as well as practices that promote healthy life style. Today we are giving importance to increase health awareness and edify people about serious diseases that any human may suffer , in addition to the information about their symptoms at an early stage,

As a social responsibility we raise awareness about the various dangers posed by pandemics and diseases and we promote the healthy practices through proper plan in organizing events in the company or at other public institutions

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