Know about your health insurance and how to save tax

Know about your health insurance and how to save tax


We see so many families have shared their tale of going into bankruptcy by selling the wealth because of unexpected medical expenses, because though they did not have the thought of insurance.

Today for people who are looking for Health insurance plays a crucial role for health planners. The globe is witnessing very changes in the health and also lifestyle is changing, we see there is lot of changes, increasing medical inflation and rapidly-spreading chronic diseases. Life has become imperative this had given chance for people to who can go for an insurance policy.

Today the Health insurance which provides financial support for those people who are not able to afford at medical emergencies. In such situations, a person who has secured with life insurance is the person who is with life security. Today for everyone the Health Insurance is needed and it helps in safeguarding for the long-term financial goals, this helps all people to enjoy access to quality healthcare, and which makes them to live a healthier life.

Health insurance also helps and qualifies for tax deduction. For the saving we can invest some amount every year that also supports in tax season for the every financial year. For the salaried people at a predefined date so as to save on TDS. An individual can claim a tax deduction of up to Rs 30,000 on the policy taken for Husband, spouse, and children who come under section 80 D.  There are another ways for tax deduction up to Rs 50,000 may be availed for the premium paid.

The insurance policyholders have to choose the correct type of investments that also helps to save taxes and this also to achieve their long-term financial goals. Today the Health insurance acts as an excellent option in attaining both of these goals. The insurance towards the health which helps in tax saving and also in building long-term security for health as well as safeguarding it against medical emergencies.

Today working people will be supported with an employer group health insurance, but to alwaysfullfill their needs, a separate health insurance plan that covers you and your family, because the former is insufficient to meet requirements of today’s needs. People today take health insurance to save tax. It also comes with enormous riders and health benefits.

With so many insurance companies and products in the market, we often get confused while choosing the best health insurance policy.

When buying a health insurance plan, plan your insurance product correctly.


  • The sum insured and coverage amount is to be planned correctly that offers maximum health coverage and treatment.
  • For health plan opt for family floater plan which can be covered for the complete family. For the senior citizens can be also taken with health insurance with some little premium more.
  • Choosing correct plans with minimum waiting period and especially for period also pre-existing illness, terms are correctly set by the insurance companies for pre-existing diseases.
  • The renewal age when choosing a right plan also can be taken care in today’s insurance products which can be taken up any age. For any age we can take health insurance in today’s setup.
  • Option for the plans with high claim settlement ratio with which with proper health plan, which will ensure that your claim will not be rejected without a valid excuse.
  • Today there for health insurance there are 4000 network hospitals and more while choosing a wide range of hospitals


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