Looking for investment for independent house in Electronic city

Looking for investment for independent house in Electronic city


Today the Property in Bangalore is on the rise, but it is likely that claim the rents for the investment and for the growth it saw in the middle of the previous decade. The minds of young professionals is changing and looking for investments. Many are purchasing and many others prefer to stay in independent houses.

The reasons are many. Independent houses are comfortable to stay and they can give for rents for others. And this is affordable ones for people who place of work are nearer, and involve easy commutes. Also, many youngsters are sure whether their work, but will keep assets in Bangalore for long. They worry their “asset returns for long term”.

“People are waiting more than before as the properties to their budget are in the center of the city from where commuting will not be a problem. They prefer to stay closer to their workplace. Property purchasing through Home Loan Conditions Have Also Become easy if proper documents, owning an independent house for people in benguluru. “Our work is such that we don’t know about jobs but about the assets in the city will not end up as it will give rents. If I buy one, I’ll feel bound to the city.

There is also the commuting issue. The apartments in that city were priced in the city so little more added amount will add in getting own independent house. “I will end up in Electronic City where there is expansion in infrastructure.

Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, HSR Layout and Electronic City has well constructed infrastructure, with modern-day amenities and good restaurants and malls nearby. With Bangalore’s major offices located in that part of the town, youngsters feel it makes more sense to stay closer to their workplace.

It is not difficult to find someone who is looking to buy a house — even those who were fresh into the job market as the salaries are scaling up. Any gathering would inevitably involve discussions about property. But those were days when Bangalore property was more affordable, loans were easy to obtain.

Property consultancy’s in Bangalore, says that while the EMIs (equated monthly instalments of loans) have been give for opportunity, salary and increments have not kept pace with it.

There are other things she wants to spend on as families try to go on: travel, hobbies, socialising. “A lot of my income goes into these, and a house is dropping in my priority list. Independent property consultancies say there is good demand for properties ranging between Rs 50 lakh and Rs 2crores. But even these tend to be on the fringes of electronic city, Kanakapura Road, KR Puram and Jalahalli..

Building for sale in electronic city,anmeera apartments back side,8  flat 1bhk and 1  flat 2bhk ,car parking ,one borwell ,24 hours Water,lift available, vitrified  tiles and Granet ,very prime location,1 lakh to 1.20 rental income in building,e Katha ,DC convertion, clear documents,

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