Investment in Budget homes

Real estate

Open marketing Business model is very good which is focused for the investment for self financed and employees. Our managers are very professional and helpful in all the transactions. Our services in will help investors to get engaged in more investment.

Open marketing is a supporting platform for Global real estate. We are growing at a pace; our team has the products which needs the investment needs. By consolidating supply and demand, open marketing is creating significant barriers of entry for people who want to invest, sourcing capabilities, and use of technology to enable multi distribution platform which will help consolidate its positioning as one of the most innovative, largest and scalable real estate platforms in India

We support financial management & services and we specialize in providing loan advisory services. Our is one stop shop for all lending products in real estate and we manage entire borrowing process for clients, by making their choice for them to choose the right product, manage documentation & offer advisory on professional issues pertaining to  insurance.

The important thing  in real estate services is to realize that the first property you buy is the most difficult.  it is  the one that is extremely  with highly financed, so  we  are  just beginning the investment process and  support you to  be too sure of what you are doing or how to do it. That’s what we will take you through the investment process which fits your requirement ,

Health care services

Insurance services

Open marketing supports assorted health services to fulfil the different healthcare needs of various individuals and corporate. Both individual and family services are provided to cater to the complete Health care services of different individuals.

A comprehensive health services with family floater option that covers medical expenses arising out of unforeseen hospitalization due to any accident or illness, for self, spouse, and dependent children is given by our insurance team. This policy has several benefits such as reload benefit, emergency domestic evacuation, worldwide emergency hospitalization and international treatment for some critical illnesses.

We support health insurance plan through our agency that provides daily cash benefit for planned and there is emergency hospitalization for family and legally related individuals of the proposer arising out of any unforeseen accident or illness.


Educational services


English is the India is our power to penetrate to the world and without it India may miss the globalization bus. Our open marketing supports individuals and corporate though we coaching students for IELTS and TOEFL tests. Our innovative methodology makes students effective, periodical mock tests enable students to face the tests with confidence. It is there hardship that most of our students come out in flying colors.