Providing our services for the two wheeler

Today in the Vehicle Drive Motor Market, we are providing our services for the vehicles with our Bosch products, with our services which contains data which is helpful for the decision-makers to get services. The reports categorizes as Bosch is one of key players in the global Vehicle Drive Motor market. The report takes into account market patterns to give the checks a definite investigation of the direction of the market. Market information and data are also categorized according to the major geographical regions which are expected to impact the industry in the forecast period.

For two wheeler services

We have paid service

Teflon Polish With chain lubrication + 1 coupon = Rs 500 /- 

  1. 8 free full water wash (Valued within two years from Coupon purchase date)  800/- Save
  2. 8 free full waxing (Valued within two years from Coupon purchase date)  400/- Save
  3. 12 free general check-up (Valued within two years from Coupon purchase date) 1200/- Saved
  4. 8 accessories purchase -15% discount
  5. 8 spare parts purchase -5% discount
  6. 25% discount on running repair labour charges

Note: Royal Enfield and imported bikes are not eligible for this offer

Kindly visit our Service centre,


 Near kidney foundation hospital,

 Bangalore south

Shivakumar, BDM


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